HTD Timing Pulley | Pulley Solutions from Torque Transmission

orque's HTD timing pulleys are exactness, infusion formed and glass strengthened to offer proficient power transmission without slip or kickback.

HTD-timing-pulleys-for-movement recreation 3 (1)HTD Pulley Design

Our HTD timing pulleys are explicitly planned with strengthening metal supplements and a metal-to-metal association at the center point to give quality and life span nearby of the lightweight favorable circumstances of the bodies nylon development. Joining both metal and nylon along these lines takes into consideration a high solidarity to-weight proportion and low inactivity.

Nylon additionally causes us keep our HTD timing pulleys financially savvy and is normally self-greasing up, synthetic, and stun safe.

Standard HTD Timing Pulley Options

We convey various standard pulleys to meet most applications needs. Our standard planning pulleys include:

HTD-timing-belt-pulleys-21/5" Pitch XL Series

L Series, 3/8 Pitch Timing Pulley

5mm Pitch HTD Timing Pulley

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8mm Pitch HTD Timing Pulley

Powergrip GT2 Timing Pulley

In the event that one of our standard pulleys doesn't meet your undertaking or applications determinations, we can adjust one of our standard planning belt pulleys to meet your particulars. We are likewise ready to walk you through the way toward planning, examining, and creating a fulling custom alternative.